NB: We are organizing a KITP on tidal disruption events in April/May 2024! Find out more about the program (and apply) here and find out more about the conference (and apply), to take place the first week of the program, here.

Welcome to my website! It is in a permanent state of flux, but I will try to keep it updated regularly. Navigate the pages above to learn about me and what I do, or check out the News page to see what I’ve been thinking about recently and updates about research etc.

My name is Eric Coughlin (ph. Coglin), and I’m an assistant professor in the physics department at Syracuse University. My research is broadly centered around astrophysics, with particular emphasis on astrophysical flows and high-energy phenomena. Topics on which I’ve focused in the past include tidal disruption events, relativistic jets, black hole accretion, and gravitational dynamics. If you’re interested in learning more, please check out the publications and research pages above.

Prior to joining the faculty at Syracuse, I was a joint Lyman Spitzer Jr. and NASA Hubble fellow at Princeton University from 2019 — 2020. Before that, I was a NASA Einstein fellow at Columbia University from 2018 — 2019, and at the University of California, Berkeley from 2016 — 2018. In 2016 I earned my PhD from the University of Colorado, Boulder, where I was a graduate student in the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences, and I received my undergraduate degree (BSc) from Lehigh University in 2011. My collaborators include Phil Armitage, Mitch Begelman, Brian Metzger, Chris Nixon, Eliot Quataert.

On a more personal side, I enjoy hiking, playing ultimate frisbee, skiing, and spending time with my family. Here is a picture of my daughter, Josephine, and me at Pratts Falls near Syracuse: